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CAUTION: This manual is for residential fence  only.  All  fence  and  gates  must  be installed to conform with B.O.C.A. Specifications and/or local building code regulations.

Note:  Local municipalities may require a setback from property line to fence line, otherwise, it is recommended to be 2” inside the property line.  It is important to find out all the requirements before installing your fence.

Layout and Planning
1. First stake out the area and run
strings around as shown in Figure 1.


install fence

fence post

2. Start by installing the gate posts. See your gate installation manual for proper gate post spacing.

3. Proceed to dig post holes. Post center to center measurement will be 6’- ¾” when everything is level and tight. See Figure 2 (on next page) for post hole depth.

CAUTION: In areas where ground frost occurs extend the concrete footing below the frost line. NOTE: Local municipalities may require different hole depths than those shown below. You must verify that these depths meet all local building codes.

POST DEPTH         



Up to 4’ fence


54” & 5’ fence 


6’ fence  



2. Installation 2.1. Use a rubber mallet to 
drive the post caps onto the posts. 
Be careful not to damage the 
post or caps. See Figure 3.
2.2. Working out from where 
the gates are installed slide 
a section of fence into the 
gate post holes and into the next post. See Figure 3.   
Fence sections must be inserted entirely into the post 
to meet code.
2.3. Fill the post hole with a stiff concrete mix being sure that the concrete extends
below the bottom of the post.
2.4. Plumb the posts and pickets while the concrete is setting. The fence section can rake allowing the rails to follow the contour of the ground. Brace the posts as necessary while the concrete is setting.
2.5. Fence rails will need to be mitered for corner posts. See Figure 4. Fence sections may be cut to length as necessary. Cut fence sections will need to be notched as shown in Figure 5.
2.6. Additional hardware is available to attach posts and rails to walls. 2.7. After concrete has set fasten the posts to the fence with #8 x 1” self-drilling self- tapping screws provided. Be careful not to over-tighten because screw heads may break off or the threads may strip out.

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