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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is an average ship time?

An average ship time on most of our fencing products is about two weeks. Popular items will ship faster while custom orders take a few days longer.

Can I install a fence by myself?

Most of our clients install their own fence with little or no experience! The installation process is very easy to understand and we are always available for your questions.

 Aluminum Fence Installation tips:

  How to install an aluminum fence

  How to install an aluminum gate

  How to install an aluminum gate hinge

What kind of warranty is included?

Backyards Galore sells top quality products from reputable manufacturers. Our aluminum and PVC fence comes with a limited lifetime warranty while the steel fencing comes with a 20 yr warranty.

How wide is a typical fence panel?

The residential aluminum panels come in 6’ wide sections, PVC and steel panels are 8’ wide. 

Is each panel or gate sold including all necessary posts?

Due to the nature of a fence installation, posts are sold separately from panels and gates, therefore are additional.

What does standard shipment packaging look like when received?

Fence panels come in packages. The heaviest boxes will be the panels, however, the weight is not too much for 2 people to lift. We recommend having at least one person to help with receiving the packages. Most people do not use a fork lift or any other equipment.

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