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Backyards Galore is the industry leader in wholesale aluminum and steel fencing. We specialize in aluminum Ameristar Echelon fence panels and Ameristar Montage steel/metal fence panels. Our goal is to provide top quality materials at competitive prices, putting forth a relentless effort to make your experience at Backyards Galore like nowhere else. With guaranteed prices and unbeatable service, we are your one stop shop for residential and commercial aluminum and steel fence panels..

Our products are the best in the industry. Our Ameristar Echelon aluminum products come with lifetime warranties and Ameristar Montage stell panels come with 20 year warranty, Backyards Galore is a trusted source for your fencing needs. Our exclusive aluminum provider is the biggest name in aluminum fencing, Ameristar Fencing. They are one of the last manufacturers that can boast true American Made, high-quality products at competitive pricing.

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Ameristar Echelon Majestic 4' high x 6' wide Aluminum Fence Panel  
4' high   $ 59.40
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Ameristar Montage 4' High x 8' Wide Majestic Style  
4' high   $ 126.56
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